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Bespoke management software for your course.


Built to promote community and competition between players. Gather players in one system and seamlessly utilize dozens of features to build, promote and grow your leagues. Increase participation and excitement through player engagement on and off the golf course.


The organization of your tournaments just became easier with Clubhouse Golf. Stop chasing payments with our online registration portal. Know exactly who is participating and never miss a detail. Also, provide a convenor with privileged access to complete player lists, drawsheets and more.


Promote member events and local tournaments with features provided within the Events module. Gather player data and payment upfront. Use our enhanced scoring system to provide a completely new scoring experience to your members and participants.


Fully Loaded

Clubhuse Golf provides you with one simplistic, all encompassing system. Stop using tedious methods such as pen, paper and spreadsheets and automate processes with an online system. Save time when organizing tournaments, entering scores, creating leaderboards and more.

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